Collaborate and Connect- "Two Heads Are Better than One. What is the True Value of Shared Thinking?" Event Banner
Your Time Matters

Collaborate and Connect- "Two Heads Are Better than One. What is the True Value of Shared Thinking?"

Tue 21st Jan 2020, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm


$88 - $143 AUD + BF

$88 - $143 AUD + BF

Your Time Matters

Collaborate and Connect- "Two Heads Are Better than One. What is the True Value of Shared Thinking?"

Date and Time

Tue 21st Jan 2020, 5:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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The Deck, 212 Bay St
212 Bay Street, Brighton Vic 3186

Event description

Would you benefit from shared knowledge and experience?  Learn how to leverage the expertise of others and build sustainable, collaborative relationships. 

Fostering relationships within your industry or with allied professions has many benefits.  As a business owner or professional you often need to call on assistance of others to solve a problem, either within your own business or to better assist your client.    

Who is this event for?

  • Business owners and professionals who have an open and collaborative approach and willingly recognise the value in and benefit gained from shared experience with others facing similar scenarios.
  • Business owners and professionals wanting to learn and grow tas they  connect with others to build a sustainable network as they  benefit by reframing experience. 
  • YTM participants come with diverse business and life experience which they share and can apply to a variety of  situations.

Benefit from- 

  1. Connecting with likeminded others with whom you may be able to form future working relationships. 
  2. Have a space to share and test your own learnings/insights/expertise with people facing similar challenges.
  3. Develop an open and collaborative approach, and increase your connections
  4. Recognise the value of collaborating and connecting with others in similar scenarios.


On arrival, participate in open networking, followed by facilitated activities to connect with others  in designated groups who will be presented with a hypthetical case study.  

In your designated group-  you will discuss the possible and alternative scenarios open to  the “client” groups knowlegde and expereince geared towards type of business or client, years of operation, company/team size, business growth goals, industry.

Each group will be  encouraged to be innovative,  and creative, deciding what they will address, and their  unique viewpoint.  The groups  will then share their various  case study or “story”  to the collective room and present the  three top actions that the  hypothetical business should take.

How do I know which group will I be in? 
On registration you will asked to nominate  your two preferred groups (not guaranteed)  where you can add value and build sustainable relationships with others who in the future you may collaborate with. 

For example-  If you are in involved in marketing, communications,  branding, design- you may choose to work with clients on their “Visibility”.

Or, If you work in HR, Training, Coaching, IT …you may choose Performance.

Choose your preferred 2 groups from 

  • Visibility
  • Lifestyle
  • Productivity
  • Compliance
  • Performance 

If you are unclear, our expertise will guide you  based on our 6 years of experience in running events and witnessing interactions of more than 2500 participants.

What is included?

  • Shared cheese platter and dips
  • One complimentary drink, additional drinks can be purchased at bar prices
  • Stratgic introductions
  • Facilitation to use your time effectively

Participants attending the event, will benefit from the ideas, experience and shared skills individually and as a group.  Takeaways are intended to be the central ideas, lessons, connections and skills others  will learn by the sharing of  expertise. The collective  outcomes  will clearly indicate how the  plan will help the “client”  build a better business and how the group would benefit from collaborating in  similar situations.

Have some questions?  Call Kerryn 0414 856 616 

Terms and Conditions Apply.

No refunds available .

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Your Time Matters


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