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FREE - $5 AUD + BF

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Compass Hut - Sustainable House Day 2019

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Sun 15th Sep 2019, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Compass Hut    .     100% off-grid Tiny House Tasmania

SUSTAINABLE HOUSE DAY 15th September 2019

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Compass Hut was designed and built by Wagonhaus Co Pty Ltd, who specialise in custom Tiny Homes in Tasmania. The Tiny House was adapted to suit short-term accommodation on a small organic farm in Tasmania’s north-west. In 2017, Compass Hut gained full local council approval for Tiny House accommodation on the property, which was based on alternative design solutions for both grey and black water, as well as water supply and more. The project was established on several self-sufficient design concepts, which would allow the Tiny House to run completely off-grid, but also ensure that guests would be in complete comfort during their stay.

The Tiny House operates off a unique, hybrid/off-grid solar system. It draws off a 4-panel PV solar array, gel battery bank, and is run by a Victron Energy inverter setup, complete with Victron EasySolar Color Control for data collection and monitoring. The Tiny House is also set-up with an alternative grey-water system that breaks down waste before it travels down to a large grey-water garden soakage bed. The Tiny House also uses a sophisticated split-system compost toilet, which collects and stores toilet waste in an external chamber located under the Tiny House. The waste is then heated and broken down over a 4-6 month period before it is then removed. Freshwater is also collected using an on-site water tank and pump, which is also powered by the Tiny House.

The Tiny House itself has been designed using a mix of design aesthetics from the Scandinavian barn house style, with the interior embellishing a more creative and intimate feel. The space aims to promote ideas around how architecture and design can promote health and wellbeing and a connection to the outdoors. It has been built using quality materials, double-glazing for all windows and the external door, and is fully insulated. Parked on site, it’s orientation faces direct north, aiding the solar passive design principals for its local Tasmanian climate.

In addition to the Tiny House, the project has its own parcel of land, which has been landscaped and managed alongside the certified and operating organic farm it is located on. Multiple vegetable/herb garden beds and small kitchen garden, along with the houses own compost bin, has also been provided so that guests can learn about sustainability in further ways, and understand the context it was born from. All soaps and detergents provided have also been picked to be environmentally friendly and to suit the grey-water system, along with the use of biodegradable bags for rubbish waste.

Aside from its short-term accommodation use, the aim of the project was to use it as a tool to help educate our guests and the community about solar passive design principals and more.

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