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Understanding autism and effective strategies for reception teachers - Professional General Workshop - ELIZABETH

Date and Time

Tue 5th Feb, 9:30 am - 4:00 pm


Autism SA
Shop 1/57 Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth SA 5112, Australia

Event description

Autism SA has a highly experienced and diverse training team which includes consultants, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and facilitators who have extensive experience in working with individuals on the autism spectrum in a range of settings.

Autism SA presents training that is hands-on, practical and engaging. The emphasis is on guiding participants through a range of activities to increase their knowledge, understanding and confidence in implementing relevant intervention strategies for their particular setting.

All participants will receive a certificate with the workshop title, the number of hours and will state that the training links to the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (where appropriate).

This is a General Workshop that has been developed for Reception teachers and educators who want a better understanding of autism and a range of effective strategies to support a new Reception student’s successful transition to school in 2019.

Transitioning to school is an important and complex step for all students. This workshop aims to support students with a positive start to schooling in 2019 by covering the following topics:

• Collecting and sharing information;
• Creating a student profile;
• Developing a relationship;
• Teaching school readiness skills;
• Setting up effective routines;
• Practical strategies to use in the classroom;
• Supporting the student’s well-being; and
• Developing support networks.

Throughout the workshop the presenter will use discussion, activities and videos to deliver information specific to Reception students starting school, that will enhance the participant’s knowledge of autism, with strategies to enable
them to provide effective support and increase inclusion.

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