How to be unstoppable, doing work you love with greater impact and influence?  ALIGN YOUR HEART WORKSHOP Event Banner
Glin Bayley - Founder of Heart of Human

How to be unstoppable, doing work you love with greater impact and influence? ALIGN YOUR HEART WORKSHOP

Thu 12th Dec 2019, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm


$399 - $499 AUD + BF

$399 - $499 AUD + BF

Glin Bayley - Founder of Heart of Human

How to be unstoppable, doing work you love with greater impact and influence? ALIGN YOUR HEART WORKSHOP

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Thu 12th Dec 2019, 10:00 am - 4:30 pm
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Level 13, 50 Carrington Street, Sydney CBD

Event description

This workshop is designed specifically for established, strong, ambitious and independent female business leaders who would like to create greater impact and influence but have found themselves getting frustrated with a lack of support, feeling stuck with where they are at in life and business, losing confidence (usually on the inside not visible on the outside) and potentially facing burnout doing too much. 

As highly results orientated leaders they feel the pressure to do more and be more.  The cost of this is they work hard (harder than they need to) but often not in alignment with what they really want.

This is an interactive and purpose focussed workshop where you'll be working with an intimate group of other female leaders, rolling up your sleeves and creating a plan that is specific to the change you want to see.

At the end of this workshop you will:

- Know what's really getting in the way and a plan to overcome

- Be clear on the area you need to focus to create the change you want

- Have created a plan that you can begin to action as soon as the workshop is finished

- Have called bullshit on what's holding you back

- Feel unstoppable to do what you love and have greater impact and influence.

You should attend if:

- Want more confidence going after what you want and with the decisions you are making- You're tired of being on the merry go round

- You've lost your mojo

- You feel like you never have enough time and have too much to do

- You identify with being a perfectionist and have high standards

- You are feeling stuck, frustrated and want more for yourself

- You want to make an impact in the world but don't know where to start

- You know you were made for more than what you are currently doing

- You want your mojo back

Intimate Group - Powerful Results

This workshop is capped at 12 participants because we create a community with our workshops participants, we dig deep and have real heart conversations (in other words - no masks) so that we enable you to get the support you need and unlock the results you want.

The workshop also will require completion of some pre-work to be submitted prior to the day so the session targets the specific areas that you need support.

Lunch and refreshments included in the day.

Testimonials from previous participants 

"It was a really powerful experience to have a group of female leaders share their goals and obstacles in realising these, and to learn we all share the same fears and 
challenges.  Glin was fantastic at guiding us through the heart framework and sharing her personal goals and challenges to bring the framework to life.  It's a tool I will use in my professional and private life going forward" Lesley, Experienced ASX CFO

"I received insights and guidance and tools to be able to understand my biggest fear and thus put in place a process to overcome it and feel balanced and happy." Claudia - Pump Energy Australia

"Glin's workshop was like unpicking a poor sewing job, that needed to be undone, re-done and strengthened to create something that won't fall apart again" Naomi - Campbell Arnotts

"Glin is amazing in her delivery.  Speaking from the heart and being authentic and vulnerable.  She helps you find what you had within yourself all along" Francesca - Bupa

"There is not enough focus on the heart.  If every corporate employee went into work with more heart, their day would be far more rewarding" Stacey - Charter Hall 

"Glin's workshop provided clarity on my goals for the next 12mths and a pathway to get there" Anna - Woolworths

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Glin Bayley - Founder of Heart of Human


With 17 years experience as a senior finance executive working internationally for global blue chip companies such as Twinings Tea, Pataks, GE & Coca Cola I’m an experienced pace setter in business turnaround environments and driving business performance by challenging the status quo. My corporate experience established a melting pot for developing and observing change leadership, both in my own career and through other great leaders. Heart of Human focusses on helping ambitious female business leaders who have big dreams of success, get unstuck. Helping you dig deep not only to understand but also leverage your power to realise your dreams.