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Earthdance for Women - CACAO CEREMONY

Date and Time

Sat 22nd Sep 2018, 7:00 pm - 10:15 pm


Crn Roberts and Stewart st, East Brunswick

Event description

Our theme for this ceremony is ~ MEETING OUR SPIRIT


"Know your spirit and you will never be lost." ~ Karla Riddell

 This exploration of the soul takes us deeply inward, where we come to meet our body and our spirit intimately. Through the physical connection and activation of our heart and womb we will re-awaken to our true nature.

In a world of disconnection, it is time for us as humans to reclaim our spirit and our nature. For once we truly meet our spirit we can never be lost. All of our decision and behaviour become governed by our souls purpose and reason for being.
We will have The Sound Weaver - Jacinta Percy back! Weaving her voice & improvised music into the ceremony. She will guide us to open our voices to bring our intentions into life.
Earthdance is a healing experience and embodiment practice. This journey is based on meditation, from stillness our natural movement arises. Sound, facilitation and movement works to gently guide us back to our natural state and rekindle our connection to the Earth beneath our feet.
 Earthdance for Women is a space to explore and be supported in community with women. When women come together we are safe to be raw and vulnerable, to speak and return to our feminie, feline power.
 Earthdance is a ceremony, we open and close in circle, with the opportunity (voluntary) to share, acknowledge and be witnessed. We create a healing space that is naturally sacred and fun.
This practice came from the lands of the central Australian desert, into the hearts and souls of Karla and Johanna. Together they continue to ever so subtly bring through the medicine and dreaming of the desert, the heart centre of our great land.
~ I acknowledge the land in which we dance, the ancestors of this land, the traditional custodians, and the land in which this dance was birthed. ~
 Cacao is a heart medicine, opening our beings to the power of love. The spirit of this plant can guide us home to heart, to find our resting place in self and remember the wisdom within.
In meditation we will connect to the spirit of this plant, drinking in stillness and reverence. This ceremony will be guided by intuitive sounds, with the invitation for anyone to join in. With the medicine drum, tribal beats and vocals we will co-create a beautiful accompaniment to the medicine of cacao and an inspirational set list of music to ground our spirit into our body in dance.
 This is an inclusive event for people who identify as and live as women. As a meditation and movement practice there is no need for dance experience. All women welcome here.
Contribution $55 (concession rates available) 
Pre-bookings only - Booking will close midday Saturday 22nd October - this is when the ceremony and preparation of the Cacao begins!
What to bring:
Cushion, water and an offering of fruit to share afterwards.
Please note:
* If you have any heart conditions it is recommended to take smaller doses of the cacao. As a heart activator it does increase heart rate.

In the Learning Centre - Please note this is a NEW LOCATION -http://ceres.org.au/wp-content/uploads/pdfs/CERES-Visitor-Map-Mar-2016.pdf


About your Facilitators
Karla Riddell
 Karla is a healer committed to creating sacred spaces for women to self-realise and heal. With a decade of training and initiations in traditional healing and Shamanic practice, she holds space with a deep appreciation for land and culture. Deeply integrated with a background in paramedicine, Karla has a lived experience of what it is to humbly serve humanity. She is also a spoken word artist and writer, naturally infusing inspiration and deep enquiry as she facilitates, speaking intuitively to what arises in the moment.
Jacinta Percy aka The Sound Weaver
 Jacinta’s love affair with the voice, sound and music began as a wee babe, with Richard Clayderman being the only medicine that would lull her to sleep. It was an inevitable journey with a piano playing songstress for a grandmother and a great great aunt, dubbed “Queen of the Irish Song”, in her family lineage.
Her deep love and passion for voice, sound and music have led her over the past 15 years to perform & work with profound teachers in Australia, Europe, Israel and India, crisscrossing genres from Classical to Jazz, Folk to Improvisation, Dhrupad to Carnatic.
Her deep knowledge of her own voice, her open heart and listening ear, allows her to facilitate with a gentle grace that allows others to uncover what they are seeking.
Her belief that we all need to sing, sing with courage, sing with joy, sing to mama earth, uncover our greatness and shine forth our potential into the world is what inspires her to share her love and passion too all.



What do people say about it?
Thankyou so much to you and Jacinta for such a beautiful and memorable Cacao Ceremony. I've never attended an Earthdance event before, and find it hard to express to you just what I got out of it (a lot) - in the intervening days the Universe has sent me subtle signs, and I feel a renewed sense of the life-force within and around me.
I arrived closed, helpless, alone, angry.
The space, the foundation, the music, the guided dance journey, gave me permission to listen to myself again. To let the wisdom of my body’s knowing dance me, release and renew.
Each time I have had the joy of participating in Earthdance with these two wonderful women I have been opened up to the opportunity to really feel present in my body. The combination of dance, stillness and gentle moving meditation gave me a chance to experience what I have been struggling with mentally and emotionally.



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