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Females in IT & Telecommunications (Fit)

FitT eWorkshop - Quietly Powerful with Megumi Miki


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$30 AUD

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Females in IT & Telecommunications (Fit)

FitT eWorkshop - Quietly Powerful with Megumi Miki

Date and Time

Tue 1st Oct 2019, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Online Event

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Event description

Quietly Powerful – Unlock Your Hidden Leadership Strength

The Quietly Powerful eWorkshop will teach you that far from being a weakness, your quieter nature can be an advantage in the workplace.

  •   Have you ever doubted your ability to take on leadership roles because you are quieter?
  •   Do you feel exhausted having to be vocal and trying to look confident?
  •   Are you hesitant about promoting yourself to get ahead?
  •   Do you find it difficult to be heard to influence and lead?

    During Megumi’s 20+ year career at Accenture, ANZ and NAB, the answer was not only “yes”, but also “and far too often”.  She burnt out and realised “fake it till you make it” was neither sustainable nor fulfilling. 

    Megumi launched Quietly Powerful in 2016 to share the surprising successes, familiar challenges and practical lessons of becoming quietly powerful.

    In this workshop, Megumi will share experiences from her own career, her coaching program participants and insights from interviews with Quietly Powerful Leaders who succeeded by using their quiet strengths. 

    Megumi’s articles:

    The definition of what good leadership looks like needs an update

    Strong leadership ≠ dominance

    7 reasons why we need quietly powerful leadersmore than ever

    Join Megumi for a conversation on 1st October to explore what it takes to both succeed on your own terms and also work together to expand the definition of good leadership. 

    Megumi's Bio:

    Megumi is an author, speaker and consultant in leadership and culture, with a background in strategy, economics and finance. With a client list including NAB, Roche, JBWere, DHHS and smaller for-profit and not-for-profit organisations, Megumi helps leaders unlock their potential by being smart together, not on their own. She is the author of Start inspiring, stop driving: Unlock your team's potential to outperform and grow and upcoming book, Quietly Powerful: How your quiet nature is your hidden leadership strength.

    In the uncertain, changing, global and inter-connected world, Megumi believes that the ‘alpha’ or ‘hero’ leadership style alone is outdated and inadequate. Quietly Powerful expands the definition of what good leadership looks, sounds and feels like and empowers quieter professionals and those outside majority groups to fulfil their leadership potential. 

    Her work has helped people to develop a quietly confident presence to be heard and have impact. The ideas have resonated with many (not just introverts) wanting to develop a calm, inner confidence to make the unique contribution they were born to make. 

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