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Females in IT & Telecommunications (Fit)

FitT eWorkshop - Wellbeing for Leaders with Martine Beaumont

Tue 19th Nov 2019, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


$30 AUD

$30 AUD

Females in IT & Telecommunications (Fit)

FitT eWorkshop - Wellbeing for Leaders with Martine Beaumont

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Tue 19th Nov 2019, 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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Event description

I know what I should be doing, why don't I do it?

Join behavioural change and wellbeing expert Martine Beaumont and learn how to turn your life goals into sustained lifestyle changes.

  • Learn why new years resolutions rarely succeed 
  • Tips for ways to increase your motivation levels on low energy days
  • Why design power is so much more important than will power
  • The top 3 mistakes people make in attempting to change & how to avoid them
  • How to tailor-make your personalised path to successful change

Martine's Bio:

Martine is an Executive Coach, Wellbeing Coach & Counsellor

We all start somewhere. When I started my career in the late 80’s as receptionist/translator at a german reinsurer ‘wellness’ was an unknown concept in the workplace. I was privileged to work for an exceptional md who saw something in me and for 12 years encouraged every step of my journey to senior management. I gained a law degree and relished the challenge of managing a team of all male underwriters all of whom were more qualified and quite a bit older than myself. Self care, balance, and working anything less than full throttle were for those not planning on a seat in the c suite.

Of course there’s nothing like a baby to throw a spanner in the plan. Someone with my mindset was incapable of easing off the pedal, part time seemed like admitting failure. I resigned and went headlong into what I thought was the more flexible option of working for myself. After developing 12 properties in 5 years, negotiating the sale of my husband’s business and somehow fitting in the birth of my second child it is not surprising myself and my marriage imploded. For the sake of my mental health and my two boys, wellness was no longer a concept I could avoid. After my own recovery I retrained and spent the next 16 years working in mental health, building a counselling/coaching private practice and walking my own talk.

Five years ago I founded a company Select Counsellors whose aim was to improve outcomes in mental health by ensuring those in need of support were matched with their best fit practitioner. In our work in the EAP space we found time and time again employees were reaching out too late. A stigma remains around mental health and it is human nature to wait till there is a crisis to react rather than act early to prevent. The workplace is I believe the ideal environment for early detection and intervention, This motivated me to reach out to executive coach Camilla Thompson and found Select Wellness, a company committed to genuine wellness at work, where wellness is individually assessed, and warning signs are picked up early and supported with tailored interventions in even the most high performing employees.

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