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Full Time Lives' Stepping Out Workshop

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Sat 30th Nov 2019, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Level 1, 101 Sussex St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Event description

Our workshop will help you redesign the next chapter of your life. It will transform the way you look at yourself and the part you want to play in an ever-changing world. 

This practical, hands-on workshop will help you find the essential ingredients you need to lead a meaningful, active and happy life. You will also connect with others on the same journey through a safe and supportive environment.

Our strategy will re-inspire and energise you through stories, personal connections and deeper truths with others going through life and work changes:

  • Understand why social connections help us thrive, especially during a transition.
  • Be inspired by fresh ideas and stories that will spark new possibilities.
  • Design a new chapter of your life through experimentation.

Here's what some of our attendees said about our last program :

Anne Verney: "The program exceeded my expectations and taught me that I can think about and plan for the next chapter of my life. It gave me a structure to think about my future". 

Brendan McClean: "Great opportunity to do a bit of soul searching, hear from others, share challenges and create a call to action". 

Transition Program Modules

DISCOVER your transition purpose

Take a step back to look at the social and tech trends that are impacting our generation and your work and lifestyle factors.

We will discover: 

  • A ‘multi-stage’ life in the age of longevity.
  • How to remain relevant during times of flux.
  • Your right mix of the ‘5 key ingredients’ to lead a meaningful, active and healthy lifestyle.

EXPLORE your transition story

What do you need to write the next chapter of your story? 

We will explore and apply: 

  • Research about social connections and community involvement.
  • What is core to your strengths, values that you want to take into your next chapter?
  • New opportunities that you’d like to explore.

DESIGN your new chapter

Using design-thinking methods, create a project to reinvent yourself in your next chapter. 

We will design: 

  • Potential paths for getting to your new chapter.
  • An experiment to test your new idea(s) for a project where you can make a positive difference.
  • Define the small achievable steps to experimenting with your new chapter, based on what fuels you, your natural rhythms, strengths and passion.

START your new chapter

Cross the transition bridge by taking the first steps to your future.

Start your transition from one phase of life to the next:

  • Run one small, fast experiment to build, measure and learn about yourself.
  • Develop and practice your ‘BBQ pitch’ about your project to connect with new people and open up new possibilities.
  • Celebrate moving onto your new chapter with new connections on a similar path.

Everyone wants their life to have meaning. To feel valued and to feel like there's a purpose to what they do. While many people get purpose and meaning from jobs (even if they don't realise it), now that we are all living longer, we need to explore the options for continuously transitioning from one chapter to the next. 

Why should you attend?

  • Enjoy stimulating conversation with others going through mid-life changes and planning their next step.
  • Think through provocative questions through creativity and innovation techniques 
  • Come up with your 90 day plan to create a meaningful lifestyle and connection to a community that makes you feel valued.

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