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Hemp Building Symposium


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$85 AUD

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Hemp Building Symposium

Date and Time

Wed 24th Jul 2019, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Swan Yacht Club
Riverside Rd, Preston Point, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

Event description

Highly insulated, breathable homes that provide internal health and comfort while combating climate change by removing CO2 from the air.

This disruptive technology will revolutionise construction.

Are we ready?

Find out at Perth’s first HEMP BUILDING SYMPOSIUM

Who is it for? Builders, architects, engineers and developers

Program overview: Hear local hemp industry leaders talk about the versatility and potential of hemp building methods for construction.  Learn about the personal and environmental health benefits Ask questions of the panel and discuss the opportunities and potential for this emerging market

Wednesday 24 July 2019 
Registration from 8:30am
Event from 9am-12.30pm
Lunch & networking optional

Speakers Include:

  • Jeff Anderson & Janet Leigh - Hemp Home Builders
  • Elia Saba - Ready Frame Structural WA Pty Ltd
  • Rich Evans - Mirreco
  • Rob Edkins - Food Fibre and Land International Group
  • Gary Rogers - Hemp Homes Australia

Plus special guest: Alannah MacTiernan, Minister for Regional Development, Agriculture and Food. 

Sponsored by: Naturalist Land Surveys, Margaret River HempCo, Green Fabric, Haven Habitat Developments

More about the speakers

Jeff Anderson & Janet Leigh, Owner Builders

Jeff and Janet decided to build with hemp, an ancient tradition and now a cutting edge building material perfectly suited for today’s global climate.  Hemp is sustainable, energy efficient, carbon negative and simple to use.  As owner builders the use of hemp didn’t require them to compromise on their grand design and their hemp home continues to provide optimum comfort all year round.  Now approaching 3 years in their home, they are continually impressed with how well it performs.  They will be sharing their journey, their learnings and their results.

Elia Saba, Ready Frame Structural WA Pty Ltd

Elia specialises in the innovative and automated production of industrial hemp cladding and structural steel frames.  Redi-Hemp Eco Cladding is certified to high performance standards and delivers real time savings, reduced building costs and ease of installation.  This hemp cladding can be used internally and externally, over conventional timber structures, Ready Frame Structural steel structures and traditional brickwork.  The product delivers enhanced insulation, fire safety, breathability and acoustic properties.

Rich Evans, Mirreco

Rich established Mirreco as a research and development company that uses hemp as a catalyst for promoting leadership on climate changes.  Rich is working with carbon architecture and polymer technology to create above-ground carbon storage solutions and launch transformative products including revolutionary hemp cutting technology and panelised construction materials.  Mirreco has been invited by Landcorp to build a display home at the premier sustainable development, East Village at Knutsford.  Rich is creating partnerships with hemp growers to connect their supply with downstream demand generated by their unique product offerings.  He is committed to super-charging innovation and using hemp as the key to solving our global environmental challenges.

Robert Edkins, Food, Fibre and Land International

Robert is a farmer and agribusiness specialist in natural resource management and agricultural farming systems.  His innovative agricultural bio-tech firm utilises microbial mineral biofertilizers and develops biological farming systems for industrial hemp cultivation, harvesting and processing for food, building and textiles.  Fibre & Hurd Australasia is a grower of superior quality food and fibre including industrial hemp for seed, food, fibre and hurd.  

Gary Rogers, Hemp Homes Australia

Gary is a skilled carpenter and a registered builder with a passion for hemp lime construction.  He’s been involved with the hemp industry for over 18 years as owner of Margaret River HEMPCO, which now has shops in Margaret River and Fremantle along with an online store.  A true believer in Industrial hemp, he is encouraged by the growing interest in this renewable resource.  He recently built a hemp home holiday rental so anyone can experience what it is like to live in a hemp home. As momentum swings towards sustainability we are very conscious about the way we build, and what materials are used in building your dream home.We strive to lead the way in natural building products ,and hope to set an example  for cleaner healthier living standards in our homes.

(Images courtesy of Hemp Homes Australia)

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Date and Time

Wed 24th Jul 2019, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm


Swan Yacht Club
Riverside Rd, Preston Point, East Fremantle WA 6158, Australia

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