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The Columban Centre for Christian-Muslim Relations has been building mutual understanding between Christians and Muslims since 1997. How have we gone about this and what have we learned? Personal encounter is crucial for growing friendly relations, so we attend a variety of religious, educational, social and cultural events hosted by Muslim individuals and organisations. We also organise interfaith events and conferences - often in partnership with other organisations - where Christians, Muslims and believers from different religions can meet, dialogue and get to know one another. Knowledge and education are important foundations for building solid relations. To counter ignorance, stereotypes and prejudice about Islam and Muslims, we provide accurate information through talks, seminars, workshops, publications and other media. To witness the Christian-Muslim trust and friendship we have come to enjoy, wherever possible, we share platforms with Muslims and collaborate with them on matters of common concern and community benefit. Our Centre activities include: Attending Muslim, interfaith and multi-faith events Organising and facilitating interfaith events Publishing Bridges newsletter Maintaining a positive presence for interreligious dialogue and Islam on social media Giving talks, seminars, workshops on Islam and interreligious dialogue to various audiences e.g. parishes, schools, teachers, adult education, social justice groups Contributing articles and posts to various Columban and other media (The Far East, Columban e-news, AMUST, Catholic Outlook etc) Facilitating Youth PoWR (Parliament of the World's Religions) Co-facilitating the Abraham Conference with Jewish, Christian and Muslim organisations Giving lectures on Islam and Interreligious Dialogue at tertiary institutes Contributing to academic conferences and journals Publishing occasional resources on Islam and Interreligious Dialogue e.g. The Golden Rule Poster, Ten Things Everyone Needs to Know About Islam. Participating in interfaith organisations e.g. Religions for Peace, National Dialogue of Christians, Muslims and Jews