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Ilsa Fay

Ilsa Fay Presents: EARTH PRAYER

Sun 22nd Mar 2020, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm


$45 AUD + BF

$45 AUD + BF

Ilsa Fay

Ilsa Fay Presents: EARTH PRAYER

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Sun 22nd Mar 2020, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Event description

This is an art project, a shamanic prayer and a regenerative planting event.

My prayer to the land, a seeding of love and consciousness through group prayer and ecstatic vibration with the intention to heal the earth and vibrate love, connection and consciousness shamanically through the portals of our body and through our voices. 

Inspired by indigenous cultures around the world who are shamanically calling love and consciousness into the earth and humanity and by the magic of sacred geometry and shamanism, this is a call to action, a prayer of collective devotion and an opportunity to contribute to the turning of tides away from the raping of the earth and destruction of the nature and towards a deep love and reverence for life and what we are creating for our future generations. 

The project itself will be the Seed of Life sacred geometric pattern created through the placement of you, all people who choose to participate. We will drop in together and create a collective prayer through intention and breath, movement and sound so that our bodies are vibrating at an atomic level as we intentionally seed our love, devotion and call to action into the earth. I will direct and facilitate the process, but will also need volunteers to support mass human organisation and logistics - please email hello@theilsafay.com if this is your gift and you wish to be involved.

A one-day event to come together collectively, tune into the frequencies of love, regeneration, devotion to earth and activism, creating a human art installation whose energy will ripple out into the world through art, facilitating radical action and greater momentum towards climate positive actions.  

A carpooling thread will be set up within the Facebook page.

Specifically this event will be a one-day event, all ages are welcome (children up to 13 for free or you can donate to include the purchase of a tree for them, recommendation $10) 

Full Price: $45

All full price tickets include your place within the human art installation, a digital copy of the artwork and a tree/plant to be planted on the day. 

Children 0-13: free or by donation to include a tree/plant

All other questions, queries or requests to volunteer can be directed to hello@theilsafay.com


With love,

Ilsa Fay

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Ilsa Fay has been drawn towards sexuality and consciousness since she was a child. Born in the potency of Byron Bay’s magical lands and raised with a deep love of learning, she has an open inquisitive mind, the capacity to relentlessly question the world and a desire to bring forth radical change. Passionate about freedom and love, Ilsa believes in utilising the power of conscious eroticism, performance, embodied processing and universal energies to merge body, sex and spirit for global change. She loves to create spaces that evoke, awaken, provoke and penetrate the veils of humanity while simultaneously walking the world gracefully as a mother, lover, presenter and deeply embodied woman.

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