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$190 AUD + BF

$190 AUD + BF

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Living Hormoniously

Living Hormoniously

Date and Time

Sat 16th Nov 2019, 11:00 am - 6:00 pm


Encore Pilates and Wellness
47 Stuart Hwy, Stuart Park NT 0820, Australia

Event description

In your intimate relationships, business decisions, interactions with strangers, life choices, creativity, in our friendships and in the home – how aware are you of the changes happening in your hormonal system, that impact you moment to moment, every single day?

‘In every moment a woman’s system is different than the last, when good understanding is there of these moments, crippling confusion gives way to clarity for good action.’
- Lissie Turner, Yoga Therapist, Writer, Radio Broadcaster, Communication Educator

The female endocrine system is an incredibly sophisticated internal symphony, affected by both internal and external factors. It governs metabolism, energy levels, immunity, response and reproduction. It orchestrates all of this from the emotional centre of the brain. As your hormones elevate and dip, so do all of the functions, as well as your emotions – no part of you is unaffected by your hormones! In fact, every action in all of our life is nothing but muscles and glands! Whilst that might sound very unpoetic, it is in fact, incredible poetry when properly understood.

How able are you to see what are your hormones and what is something deeper? How well do you know the atmosphere of each phase, which will either poorly or brilliantly dictate every decision you make?

This full-day course is about reawakening the awareness around your body’s ever-changing internal landscape of the menstruating years, so instead of falling victim to the phases, you learn to utilise the different qualities of each to enhance every aspect of your life. Including the revealing gifts of perimenopause and the steady power of menopause.

I so loved this course....what an absolutely essential aspect of women’s lives that has been largely forgotten by us all....thank you for enlightening us so we can be the change.
- Sarah

Join us for this gorgeous full day event that looks at what foods when, how best to move our bodies during which phases, the role of the breath in assisting equanimity of mood and sensation, understanding cycle for fertility awareness (to fall, or not to fall pregnant), when we are at our most creative, most abundant and most reclusive, when it’s time to talk and when it’s time to reflect, when to plan our business meetings, when to work from home, as well as yoga therapy for common pathologies and so much more.

Suitable for ages 18 to end of menstruation.



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About Lissie Turner:

For 10 years Lissie was a broadcaster at triple j under her former name of Mel Bampton and is the creator of the globally loved segment 'Like A Version'. As a writer she has penned articles for the SMH, Tracks, jmag, Cleo, Cosmo, yen and has authored a book under contract with Harper Collins, which may or may not, see the light of day. As the former National Media Manager of Soundwave Festival for six years, she honed her skills in 'only positive professionalism' and brings all of these seemingly different lives into a united whole, under her number one banner as a Communications Expert, meeting people from all walks of life, wherever they are at.

Lissie is a nationally registered Yoga Therapist having trained intensively for 3 years, with the former Director of KYM (Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram) and one of the world’s most experienced and recognized Yoga Therapists, Dr Natesan Chandrasekaran MD. She is the Owner of The Yoga Shack, North Byron and a fully accredited Level II Yoga Teacher. Lissie teaches for every body.

In clinic she specialises in endocrine health, addiction recovery and disturbances in the mind and deeper – anxiety, depression and associated disease pathology. Lissie utilises the tools of yoga to address the needs of individuals. She runs regular workshops on the fundamentals of breathwork, 21-Day Dissolving Patterns program, International retreats, Australian retreats with First Nations Elders, Womens Retreats and more.

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