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Elisha May

Part 1: Mindfulness Day Immersion – Lyrebird Retreat

Sat 7th Dec 2019, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


$125 AUD + BF

$125 AUD + BF

Elisha May

Part 1: Mindfulness Day Immersion – Lyrebird Retreat

Date and Time

Sat 7th Dec 2019, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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30 Wirrimbirra Ln, Cedar Brush Creek NSW 2259, Australia

Event description

1-Day Mindfulness Immersion | Hunter Valley

Lyrebird Retreat, is our off grid home. It is a beautiful mudbrick mansion, rustic and serene, set in lush forest for a deep meditative space. Where the Lyrebirds teach you mindfulness, and there is space to hear your own song.


• EDUCATION: Empowering insight into our profound Mind–Body–Intelligence and Energy Systems. The Scientific mechanics of our interconnected physiology and energy field.
Guided Mindfulness and Meditation tools to experience the insight gained in Part 1. Learn how to objectively observe the mind chatter, to then make new choices how we interact with this voice.
Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques for integrating this knowledge into your daily life. We use exercises to feel and utilise the energy within us and around us in nature, using sound, breath and visualisation.
to continue your practice.

The Day Immersion will be taking our Mindfulness and Meditation into the deep understanding of our Mind–Body–Energy Systems. Understanding the power of your attention to attract your life experience.

You will learn and receive practices to feel the energy within you and this innate connection with nature using meditation, sound techniques and practical, energy regulating tools. We use guided meditations for emptying the body and mind including walking meditation, sound exercises, simple visualisations and breathing techniques. This is designed as a nature immersed, energy reboot. 


“The one day meditation retreat was just what my soul needed. It was a day of delving inside ourselves and exploring new concepts, and what came up from that personally was insightful, rewarding and at times surprising. Elisha is a very special human being, and her warmth, knowledge and approachability make her a fantastic teacher. Lyrebird retreat provides the perfect backdrop to explore these new concepts in the most rustic and beautiful bush environment.”

— Lisa Dainty | 1-Day Mindfulness Retreat Aug 11


The benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness are measured and scientifically proven to regulate your body's homeostasis, that means, your body heals when you enter a state of calm. The more you practice staying in that state of calm the more your body self regulates, and the greater your level of awareness becomes to catch the minds tricks and tune into your intuitive wisdom! The inner critic and 'worrier' that takes up so much inner dialogue, is able able to be reprogrammed with practice and awareness

Psycho/Physical Benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation are immediate:

• Lowers Blood Pressure and regulates brain chemical function

• Calmer breathing patterns

• Reduces Anxiety and Stress

• Activates the Parasympathetic Nervous System... i.e. Rest-Heal-Recovery Mode

• Heightened focus

• Greater Self Compassion

• Greater Energy

• Less reactive, less likely to take life situations personally

• Inspired and connected to your inner 'knowing'

• Better eating and sleeping patterns


8.30am arrive – Cuppa Tea

9am – Welcome, Introductions

10am – Mind-Body Presentation: ‘Everything is Energy’

11am – Mindfulness 1: The Body–Compass & Meditation Practice. Learning to work with thought and emotion through Mindfulness Tools.

12.30 – Lunch

1.30pm – Mindfulness 2: Nature Communication & Meditation. Practising presence through sound and be-ing

3pm – Afternoon Tea

3.30pm – Sound Journey & Guided Meditation

4.30pm – Integration


30 Wirrimbirra Lane, Cedar Brush Creek. Directions will be included in the pre-course email. 90 mins from Maitland, Newcastle and Sydney.


Lunch, Afternoon Tea, hot and cold drinks are provided, BYO Snacks.
This is delicious high frequency food, V, GF and DF.
Please communicate all food tolerances asap.


Hat and Sunscreen
Good Walking Shoes
A meditation bolster or pillow if needed. A wrap or head scarf for meditations in nature for a free from flies experience!

I look forward to sharing with you all.




Elisha is the Founder of Xantaya Health, focused on uplifting and empowering individuals and the collective, through healing, community connection and creative offerings. She is an Intuitive Healer, Mindfulness Facilitator with Mindfulness Works Australia, with her foundations in a Specialised Diploma of Bowen Therapy and Life.

Elisha also shares uplift and education through many creative events including festivals at her home, Lyrebird Retreat.

Her life experience includes 7 years as a NZ Army Engineer Officer, Graphic designer, Singer, Coal Mine Blast Crew, Bowen Therapist, Mindfulness Coach and Intuitive Sound Healer, all of which now assists her application to holistic health and reconnective therapies. Insight and experience has been drawn from her work, elite level sport, through life trauma and the subsequent freedom borne through inner excavation of mind and soul.

Elisha's own personal journey through anxiety, fear and insecurity, to a heart 'awakening’, has facilitated a deeper understanding of the inner workings of our mind and how we can become free from our destructive and limiting, mental and emotional patterns. She supports her audience towards a heightened state of being, that we may consciously create our life experience with meaning.

She draws on the wisdom of many ancient cultures and Shamanic understandings of our natural world, which flows through her voice during Sound Healing, facilitated locally and globally.

Elisha Xantaya
Xantaya Health

Client Testimonials

" Elisha has put together the perfect combination for healing and inner awareness,
at her retreat. The peace you feel as you drive into her home, the knowledge she
shares and then the skills she teaches you over the day all make for a truly magical day.
I'm so grateful that I went!

— Tasha Lee | 1-Day Mindfulness Retreat Aug 11

“I first met Elisha after I had had, and was in recuperation from, breast cancer treatment. The healing she did with me was exquisite, she has the singing voice of an angel and she transported me to a place of deep and powerful healing. No matter where you are on your life's journey, now is an opportunity to treat yourself to this beautiful experience of rest and healing.”

— Louise Croker | Illawarra Healing Community

“Elisha provides a musical backdrop filled with natural, ancient and tribal wisdom. Sound is heard via your ears but felt deep within your body. You are guided on a magical journey into yourself. A unique opportunity that needs to be experienced to be truly understood.”

— Tracy Brown | Newcastle

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Elisha May


Founder & Practitioner at Xantaya Health

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