Mixagi presents Martha van Straaten, M.Rux, Barrio Lindo & Timboletti Event Banner

Mixagi presents Martha van Straaten, M.Rux, Barrio Lindo & Timboletti


$40 - $50 AUD + BF

$40 - $50 AUD + BF

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Mixagi presents Martha van Straaten, M.Rux, Barrio Lindo & Timboletti

Date and Time

Sat 9th Nov 2019, 12:00 pm - Sun 10th Nov 2019, 12:00 am


Portugal Madeira Club
1 Denby St, Marrickville NSW 2204, Australia

Event description

Mixagi presents Martha van Straaten, M.Rux, Barrio Lindo & Timboletti - A 3 year celebration

Date: Saturday, November 9 2019
Time: from 12.00pm (midday)
Tickets: $50
Location: Portugal Madeira Club, 3 Denby Street, Marrickville NSW

The rule of three is a classic principle imbued with magic. It is thought that ideas presented in this form become more memorable. For us, our third cycle around the sun is meant to be just that, memorable. 

Building from last year’s soul-sister power experience with Martha van Straaten (Laut&Luise, YNFND), we bring her back to the land of OZ with more friends. Elevating her by the power of three, making this a cube (MvS3) of amazing talent . If you didn’t get to witness her Sydney debut with us, this is a female-power performance taking over the decks.

If last year was any reference of what we love to do, this year we break the bank and decided that when the stars and people align, there is no excuse but to build it and not look back. 

This line-up will provide over 14 hours of music. If you haven’t heard of these artists, you best familiarise yourself. 

M.Rux (YNFND, TAL)  - appearing for his musical debut in Australia. He has released in our opinion one of the best edit & cuts album as a debut to his talent over 5 years ago. Marten’s production is deceptively simple at first listen, yet it builds into a complex, dirty-minded concoction of soul samples, melodies and twisted beat. His approach breaks the floor with multi-layered grooves that feel like a psychedelic trip of some sort.

Barrio Lindo (Shika Shika) - head honcho of the Shika Shika record label, Agustin is a multi-talented musical connoisseur that released in May 2019 his third album Fulgor.  We bring him to be part of his world tour and to keep us grounded to our roots in South America. If you haven’t heard of Shika Shika,  check the catalogue - we have it on ‘repeat’

Timboletti (CopyCow, Shika Shika, Sol Selectas and more) - when someone asks us about the labels we follow, Tim is probably on all of them. Or, best to say his work has touched so many great artists that you have to experience his performance to understand why everyone looks up and listens to him. An amazing talent that pushes the musical boundaries of electronic and makes others follow. Expect to follow him down the rabbit hole and meet us at the bottom with “eyes wide open”

They will be supported by our Mixagi residents and local favourites.

There is so much more to tell you about who and what will be part of this amazing production. Keep an eye out, follow us (CLICK), and check your inbox as we build the stories behind the people, places and sounds that we love and collaborate with.

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