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Online Professional Learning - An Introduction to Teaching in an Anglican School (Proficient Level)

Wed 1st Jan 2020, 9:00 am - Tue 1st Dec 2020, 12:00 pm


$100 - $200 AUD

$100 - $200 AUD

Anglican EdComm

Online Professional Learning - An Introduction to Teaching in an Anglican School (Proficient Level)

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Wed 1st Jan 2020, 9:00 am - Tue 1st Dec 2020, 12:00 pm
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An Introduction to Teaching in an Anglican School (Proficient) 

Course Code: PL1902

NESA Standards Addressed
6.2.2 Engage in professional learning and improve practice
6.3.2 Engage with colleagues and improve practice

20 accredited hours

Target Audience

For teachers that are new to Anglican schools.

Purpose of this course
The course has been designed to help you to understand the vision and some of the history of Anglican schools in NSW and to facilitate a process that will help you to become more familiar with the culture and expectations of the school you are now working in. It is specifically designed to explore the educational vision of the Sydney Diocese and the way this is expressed in individual schools. The course acknowledges the wide range of culture and faith expressions in Anglican schools and aims to orient the participant to the particular expression of the education and faith vision in their own school workplace. The course presents a brief overview of the Biblical understanding that underpins the diocesan vision.  
The course structure and timing:
This course requires a commitment of 20 hours of reading, planning and active participation and is accredited by NESA at the Proficient level. You need to complete all sections of the course and the online assessments to receive the accredited 20 hours.

This includes:
• viewing and interacting with the videos.
• three readings
• four learning tasks
• self and course evaluation.
It is expected that you will complete these modules within fifteen weeks of beginning the course. Course forums will remain on the website for another 2 months.

Explicit Course Outcomes

1. To develop a critical understanding of the unique nature of your Anglican school within the framework of the school's vision, while also developing an understanding and respect for the history and vision of Anglican schooling.
2. To develop an understanding of the Biblical foundation that underpins Anglican schooling.
3. To reflect on how you can fit into and contribute to the culture and fulfilment of the vision of your Anglican school.
Success Criteria

1. The participant can express an understanding of the vision of the school and its relationship to lived practice within the school.
2. The participant engages in discussion with the Head of School or their appointed person about the history and culture of the school.
3. The participant shows evidence of understanding the concepts of Biblical inerrancy and an overview of the story of the Bible (a brief biblical theology).
The participant reflects on their own practice and can express an appreciation of the school's culture and where they can contribute.

Course Outline:

  • Module 1: An Overview of Purpose and Vision for Education
  • Module 2: The Vision for Anglican Education in the Diocese of Sydney
  • Module 3: Understanding the differences in Anglican Schools
  • Module 4: Understanding the common heritage (Anglican fundamentals) (prepared in conjunction with Moore College)
  • Module 5: Understanding your school - Part 1: The School’s Written intent: Its Stated Culture, Part 2: The School’s Lived Practice/Culture
  • Module 6: Understanding Your Role in the School
  • Module 7: Challenges for Anglican Schools
  • Module 8: Personal Reflection


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