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Over the Horizon - Explore your intimacy

Date and Time

Wed 17th Oct, 7:00 pm - Wed 5th Dec 2018, 9:00 pm


The Sanctuary
191 parramatta road, Annandale

Event description

Welcome, explorers of the heart!
You are welcome to join Intimate Horizon’s multi-week intensive course, designed to introduce couples to a wide variety of new relationship tools.
The course will dip into tantra, meditation, BDSM, and consent culture, and provides a perfect introduction to further learning. We will provide guidance and helpful details on the how-what-why questions around practices that could deeply enhance you romantic life.
Each week will provide a new step and build on prior exercises to bring you to a new level of intimacy with your partner. Build trust, attain deeper pleasure, explore new sensations, and learn more about your mind and body in a safe and supportive atmosphere.
All colors of the rainbow are welcome.
COST: 35-40$ per class or 280$ all-inclusive package (8 classes). If you book all-inclusive ticket you'll receive a 10% discount to our next Tantra massage and Sensory Deprivation classes, at the end of the course.
New Dates! We have rescheduled to fit availability, updated dates are shown below.
17/10 - Mindful Connections
In this first week, we will outline the basic lesson that enhances all others; to be mindfully present with your partner while practicing the expanded lessons. People familiar with meditation may find new ways to apply their practice, and newbies will be equipped with tools to enjoy their present moment with a renewed focus. We will examine meditative technique, benefits, posture, and ways to apply it to your love life.
24/10 - Bouncy (boundaries, negotiations, consent and expectations)
Let the power of open communication lift you up. In our BNCE course, we will provide tools on deciding where to stop (boundaries), how to honestly communicate what you want (negotiation), actively requesting Yes and No (consent), and coming to a shared understanding of what’s desired (expectations). This is a diving board to new experiences, a gateway into surety, a way to reduce anxiety by calmly and rationally getting clear information. And what’s sexier than being sure?
31/10 - Desire, restrained.
Open your mind to the possibilities of power exchange. This class will introduce restraints, one of the classic ways to surrender or seize control of a lovemaking session. We will discuss rope, shackles, bondage furniture, and more exotic methods of restricting movement. Even more powerfully, we will provide insight on why this type of play is so empowering, and how to recognize power exchange in the outside world.
Vulva lovers, this one is for you! We will begin to lift the mystery of the female genitalia, providing insight into anatomy, biological response, orgasm, squirting, and more! Every flower is different, and we hope that the tools you pick up here will help you learn each petal of your own sacred space in a new and empowered way.
14/11 - Love taps (into to impact)
Building on our introduction to restraint, this class introduces an impactful way to bond with your partners. Impact play is a mainstay of the BDSM community, and for good reason. This class will showcase toys and techniques on how to give a proper spanking, but also provide details on the mindset and goals of those who participate.
21/11 - Lingam awareness
Mirroring the Yoni awareness class, this will provide insight into the male member. Learn about biology and pleasure, health and the connection to sacred male sexuality in this deep-dive class.
28/11 - New Sensations (sensory play)
Fire and Ice, pinch and tickle! Expanding on Love Taps, we’ll provide further tools to bring new feelings to the forefront. Short-circuit your nerves, make tingles your toys, learn about candle wax and feathers. This class will serve as a great introduction to our dedicated sensory deprivation workshop, separate to the course, and give many ideas to expand the range of touch you can provide a partner.
5/12 - Touch with intent (sensual massage)
The health benefits of concentrated touch are many. Apply mindfulness and loving technique to your sex life via sensual massage, and find yourself not only pleasured, but rejuvenated. This class will serve as an introduction to our separate Yoni and Lingam massage class, for those wishing to expand their skills even further.
Who are we?
Hailing from Rome, Elisa became interested in alternative sexuality early in life. Elisa has been a linchpin of the growing polyamory community in Rome before moving to Sydney in 2015. An experienced kinkster, Elisa has worked as a pro-domme in both her old home and new. Since moving to Sydney, she has opened new avenues into tantra and body awareness practices, and is excited to share her story and experiences with you!
Dan is an American origin backpacker-cum-wildman with a passion for alternative lifestyle options. Dan's passions include dance, travel, writing, Japanese rope bondage and general kink. Mindful and patient, he has a knack for reducing complexities and drilling into the valuable heart of an opportunity, and he's overjoyed to offer new avenues to empowered physicality.
This is an 18+ event.
Refunds and transfers: Tickets are nonrefundable but may be transferred. Please message the page with contact details for both parties should you wish to transfer your ticket.


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Our mission is to provide powerful experiences to awaken self-knowledge, passion and pleasure in our participants. We are committed to a safe, clean, and consensual experience, participatory education, and the shameless pursuit of bodily freedom.