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Wild Spirit Play

Soulpaint - Painting through the Chakras

Date and Time

Fri 24th May 2019, 4:00 pm - Sun 26th May 2019, 4:00 pm


Forgotten Valley Retreat
56 Singleton Rd, Wisemans Ferry NSW 2775, Australia

Event description

Imagine taking the time for you! The time and the space to dive into your own creative soul.

Imagine spending a few days in a idyllic artist retreat. Spending time in a circle of sisters, dancing, painting, journeying, visioning and creating together, expanding your version of yourself.

Are you tired of playing it small? Playing by the rules? Being somebody elses version of you?

It is time to step up  - to step into the BIGGER version of you. YOU DESERVE IT - YOUR SOUL CRAVES IT.

"When you are taking on creativity, you are taking on soulwork. This is not about what we do – this is about who we are!" Brene Brown


It is time for you to let go, to shed all the layers and find the brilliance that exists and has existed since you were born.

Over the weekend we will all journey together and paint at least 6 layers on 2 separate canvases. As we paint a layer we will uncover a different layer of self. We will drop into our bodies through dancing, meditation, shamanic journeying, visioning and drumming and from there we will create.

And by facing whatever arises we will release, unblock and allow our creative flow.


What can be achieved when we come together in women's space to create is mindblowing... and so much greater than what we can achieve on our own. The trust and magic that is created when we share, when we are vulnerable and open and are seen, and how much this is amplified when we truly witness each other in our stripped back ALLNESS. This is how we find ourselves and how we reconnect with our TRIBE.

Come join us and find the path to your soul magic.

No previous experience necessary just an open heart and an open mind.



"What a gift to Self ... I can barely describe the fire of rediscovering my creativity and allowing my soul to express itself through art in Deni’s Wild Spirit Play workshop !

Peeling back layer by layer of my Self, then putting these layers onto the canvas to be revealed and seen in all their own glory - I loved that each and every layer was seemingly different in colour and texture and raw feeling, and so perfect in its own unique way, yet continued to build upon each other with such intuitive connectedness.

Deni’s true magic is in creating and holding the space to take you right out of the self-critical mind and guide your spirit on a deep shamanic journey to unleash the creatrix goddess within. I cannot recommend highly or strongly enough that all Women give this loving and inspiring gift back to Self." Nicole

"Deni is an amazing creative artist...she guides you with drumming, meditation, movement into the depths of your inner being and then supports your release onto canvas as you paint the layers of you as you pass through them. I just finished 6 weeks and have signed back up for another round. So empowering, safe to express my truth, a beautiful way of expression. So recommend Wild Spirit Play to open yourself to the joy of you." Tania


Deni Rayneau & Danielle Wright

Danielle and Deni have co-created for over 20 years. Both are trained in intuitive art, energy healing, meditation, chakra clearing, shamanic journeying, rewilding practises, and holding sister circles.

Deni runs intuitive art workshops and has helped many women tap into their creativity. She paints and sells her own work. She is a gifted Shadow Worker - feeling comfortable with the hidden realms she can facilitate and hold space for you to drop into parts of yourself that may be yet undiscovered. Deni's magic is in creating and holding big sacred space for sister circles... setting the energy for trust and sharing and vulnerability. She is the founder of Wild Spirit Play and is co-creating Maven Women - Shakti Leadership, Village and Sacred Earth circles.

Danielle is an artist, writer and photographer. She has created two children's books, Sleepy Magic and Alfie the Angelfish. Danielle is currently painting a series of "I See You" paintings of women, which are as much a reading of their soul paths as they are beautiful art pieces. She works with women to uncover their inner beauty and inner goddess by dropping them in deeply past the mind to the pure essence and from here photographs their pure naked expression of self. Danielle is a gifted Intuitive, Empath and Channeller of creative spirit.


Forgotten Valley is an hour and a half drive from Sydney in Wisemans Ferry. We will feel like we are a million miles away with the Hawkesbury River close by and the property surrounded by trees and wildlife.
The accommodation is in cottages with share and single accommodation and plenty of space to getaway in times of integration or to come together for celebration or simple sharing.


$1200 ($500 DEPOSIT)

2 spaces are available for a Soul Photography Session with Danielle Wright, on the retreat. These are a whole different level of being seen and portrait photography rolled into one. A true REAL photo - beautiful, raw and dropped in. For examples go to Daniellewright.com.au. Special rate just for woman on the retreat $250 (less than half the price of a usual session)!!!!!!! Book now - only 2 available.

(No refunds past 1 April 2019)

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