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Kirsty Wright

Sydney: Go Love Yourself - Day Retreat

Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm


$99 - $125 AUD + BF

$99 - $125 AUD + BF

Kirsty Wright

Sydney: Go Love Yourself - Day Retreat

Date and Time

Sun 23rd Feb 2020, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm
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Egg Of The Universe
Egg Of The Universe 2 Davy Road Building 3, Shop 3&4, Eveleigh NSW 2015, Australia

Event description

Did you know that more than 70% of people wish that they could change their body? That statistic is crazy to me and it doesn't have to be that way...

Join me for a full day of diving into body image as it applies to those identifying as women* and explore what we can do to cultivate a more loving relationship to our body and our inner critic.

This is the perfect workshop to attend before setting those pesky new year's resolutions!

*I know that men also struggle with body positivity but this particular event is for women only. Sorry guys!


You will arrive in the morning for a 10am start and we will begin by setting group agreements to make sure everyone feels safe and supported. I will then guide us through a number of discussions and activities with the aim of highlighting the level of body negativity that is present within our society and each other.

We will then break for a delicious wholefoods lunch at Egg of the Universe Wholefoods Cafe including a hot beverage or kombucha. Different dietary requirements can be catered for.

When we come back from lunch our afternoon will include some journalling and discussion before settling into a therapeutic yoga practice including a body love meditation.


EVERY PERSON WHO IDENTIFIES AS A WOMAN! I honestly believe that every woman can benefit from this workshop. For me this work was life changing; it can be for you too. The yoga practice is suitable for all bodies, levels of experiences and modifications will be available to support any injuries.


Sunday 23rd February 2020


$99 early bird (book by 1 February 2020)
$125 after 1 February 2020

Price includes a delicious lunch


You might not think you have body image issues but would you relate to any of these statements?

* I wear clothing based on how it makes my body look rather than for comfort

* When I walk into a bathroom I tend to inspect my body in the mirror

* I feel good or bad about myself depending on how I look on a particular day

* I position myself when I sit, stand or pose for a photo depending on what will make me look the thinnest

* I compare my body to others regularly and know many people I would trade bodies with

* I feel shame about parts or all of my body

* I agonise over what I am or am not eating or how much I am exercising

Negative body image doesn't only present as eating disorders, body negativity is rife in our society. Advertising agencies rely on us to hate our bodies so that we will buy the myriad of products that are available to make us 'more beautiful' (Does "because you're worth it" sound familiar?). But together we can change it!

For me, body positivity is about understanding that there is more to us and more to our self worth than the size of our thighs or a number on the scale. Body positivity is about accepting yourself as you are and channeling your energy into LIVING. Because life is too short to agonise over the ratio of muscle to fat you carry around.

This day is an opportunity to challenge your way of thinking in a safe and open environment including yoga, meditation, group activities, journalling and discussions.


There are a limited number of spots available so please do not wait too long to book if you would like to attend.

Due to the nature of this day retreat I am unable to provide refunds but you are welcome to transfer your booking to someone else if you are unable to attend.

* This is a LBQTI+ friendly space *

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No refunds

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Kirsty is a passionate and knowledgeable yoga and meditation teacher who uses trauma informed techniques to inspire and empower others to live conscious, content, courageous lives.