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The Grounds of Alexandria

Do you even cup bro? Colombian Coffee Cupping Challenge


$5 AUD + BF

$5 AUD + BF

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The Grounds of Alexandria

Do you even cup bro? Colombian Coffee Cupping Challenge

Date and Time

Wed 27th Mar, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


The Grounds of Alexandria (Cafe)
7a/2 Huntley St, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia

Event description

The Grounds Coffee Roastery and Cofinet are excited to present an interactive cupping evening to challenge your cupping skills and enjoy some incredible new arrival coffees in a night dedicated to a new wave of producers coming out of Colombia.

In the last 5 years, Colombia has really experienced a revolution in the way coffee growers and producers are exploring new varietals and fermentation techniques. Every year we continue to be surprised by the diversity of flavour profiles and new varietals that we have never heard of or tasted before! From what used to be such a stringently monitored origin in regard to expected processing methods and resulting cup profiles has now become a haven for experimentation and wild flavour profiles.

As one of our longest standing suppliers, we’ll share a bit about our history with Cofinet, shouting some brews and food, showcasing some great coffees and giving a way a bunch of gear from our friends at Xtracted Espresso Solutions.

We’ll showcase a few of our favourite producers from Huila, Colombia, including:

  • Luis Anibal - Villa Betulia
  • Hector Zuniga - Finca La Suiza
  • Rafael Amaya - Finca La Virginia

Tickets are $5 and all proceeds will be donated to our friends over at CafeSmart! 

The Challenge:

We will be showcasing several coffee varietals from all three coffee producers - to test your sensory abilities we are going to format the cupping as a triangulation. For those that don’t know what a triangulation cupping is, each sample set is laid out with three cups - two of the cups containing the same sample and one cup being an odd one out. All you need to do is pick the odd cup! There is no time limit however to make things a little more spicy, you’ll also need to pick the varietal (multiple choice) of the dominant pair!

Everyone is welcome to participate and there is no cupping experience required however it will help! Come to taste some epic coffees, test yourself and have a bit of fun.

How the event will run:

  • Nibbles, beer & wine on arrival
  • Presentation on the producers we’re working with
  • Coffee cupping competition with prizes to be won
  • Networking
  • Coffee & canapé matching


The Grounds Roastery:

At The Grounds, our aim is simple: to create a special moment or memorable experience for absolutely every person who crosses our path. So, does this extend to our coffee? You bet it does.

In fact, our ridiculously passionate team won’t shut up about the stuff. The only time they’re not talking about coffee is when they’re drinking it. Legend has it that someone once asked roaster Nick about a new coffee grower he’d met and Nick’s reply was so enthusiastic that it continues to this very day.

Seriously though, our talented roastery team love what they do. The reason they spend their days continually testing and perfecting is simple: to make the coffee experience as special as can be.


For 80 years our family business has grown and distributed the finest Colombian coffee to local exporters. In 2015 we expanded our operations and began producing, sourcing and exporting speciality coffee to the rest of the world.

As growers, we specialise in alternative fermentation processes that are new to Colombia. On our farm and and in our Processing Centre La Pradera, the most exotic varieties are processed achieving unique profiles that are unknown for Colombian coffees.

Cofinet also represents and supports a large number of Colombian Specialty coffee growers. Our aim is to encourage direct relationships between our farmers at origin and roasters around the world. We pride ourselves on creating sustainable, ethical and long-term relationships.


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