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Natasha Kelly

The Science of (Sexual) Energy - For Men

Mon 25th Nov 2019, 6:30 pm - Mon 16th Dec 2019, 8:30 pm


$120 AUD + BF

$120 AUD + BF

Natasha Kelly

The Science of (Sexual) Energy - For Men

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Mon 25th Nov 2019, 6:30 pm - Mon 16th Dec 2019, 8:30 pm
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Natasha Maree Kelly
25N Scott, Scott, Street

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Life Force Energy & Sexuality

Ancient Teachings of Tantra, Taoism and Conscious Creating. We are energy beings in a field of Energy. These teachings have been revered as a path to Enlightenment.
We can cultivate and move energy for incredible benefits.
*Deeper Pleasure*Deeper Connection & Intimacy with Self/Parter/Life*Love, Full Self Expression*Orgasmic Bliss as a Path to Enlightenment*Open to Who You Truly Are



6:30 - 8:30 PM$120

Sacred Sexuality & transmuting Sexual Energy.

Sexual energy is our Life Force Chi. It is the animating force of all living things. In ancient cultures, the practice of the cultivation and movement of life force energy was revered as a path to enlightenment. It’s these aspects of the teachings that I’m particularly fascinated by: Opening to the possibilities of Who We Truly Are and connecting with Divinity. 

This work is about starting fresh and approaching sexuality from a whole new perspective - the perspective of Energy. Learning how to transmute base chakra Sex Energy into potent Spiritual Energy. Very quickly, with simple practices and knowledge, men heal sexual issues (physical and psychological), gain new understanding of themselves and their partner (transforming relationships) and experience new realms of vitality, physical bliss, intimacy and profound spiritual experiences.

It’s radical, beautiful and transformational knowledge.
Maximum of 12 Men 

🌺INTENTIONS: by the end of these four weeks you will:* understand clearly the concepts of Tantra, Taoism & The transmutation of sexual energy* know how to transmute energy* have transformed your relationship with your own body & sexuality* have dramatically improved or cured issues with premature ejaculation (and other sexual issues)* learned techniques of healing & awakening feminine pleasure* experience new levels of self-love and bliss



🌵WEEK 1: THE TEACHINGS - Sacred Energy* Ancient teachings around the science of energy: Tantra (India), Taoism (China) & Ankhing (Ancient Egypt). * How to sublimate (cultivate and move sexual energy) - independently.+Men’s Circle 

🌵WEEK 2: Liberation, Healing, Possibilities…* Healing Masculine Shame & Guilt. Full Self-Expression. * Honouring the difference between, and importance of, Masculine & Feminine energy* Possibilities of Pleasure in the Masculine. (Multiple Orgasm, Energy Orgasm, Healing premature ejaculation etc)

🌵WEEK 3: THE FEMININE * Understanding the Feminine - The upward cycle of heart-centred honouring.* Possibilities of Pleasure in the Feminine (The different orgasms/waters - Clitoral/Gspot/Energetic etc)* Techniques to heal & awaken the feminine. Why Women close off. Inviting true Feminine Surrender/Bliss.* Moving energy in relationship for enlightenment

🌵WEEK 4: CONSCIOUS CREATING* Owning your Energy & Power * Creating your desired relating * Living into your Highest Vision Version of reality* Opening to possibilities…


Before Law of Attraction, Sexual Energy and Sexual Liberation were two of my main passions. It has created the perfect base from which to expand into Conscious Creating/Law of Attraction, because both teachings centre around the same understanding: that we are Energy Beings in a Field of Energy and we can consciously move, shift and direct that energy for profound benefit...including Conscious Creating.

In my early 20's I found the Ancient teachings of Tantra & Taoism and began working through my own shame and blocks. I was hooked. It all made such deep intuitive sense. It spoke to my soul. It was obvious to me that this was a path of joyous liberation. I was immersed in a deep exploration of these realms for years. I went to workshops; read books; had crazy amounts of conversations; completed the Australian School of Tantra Practitioner Training; Worked with individuals and couples teaching Tantra and addressing Sexual Issues; ... and generally explored, expanded and deepened.

It's how I ended up here in Perth, I came here to study a Masters in Sexology at Curtin University, intending to create a career as a Sex Therapist. (I got 1/4 of the way through and got called in other directions).

LIFE FORCE ENERGY & CONSCIOUS CREATINGThese four weeks will combine the power of these two realms: Life Force Energy & Conscious Creating. Life force/Sexual energy is the most powerful energy to Manifest with… Bliss is the highest alignment. God is Orgasmic Bliss. Orgasmic Bliss is a pathway to God. (And what’s the one thing we’re most shamed about expressing…? Fascinating)

Looking forward to expanding consciousness with you all :) 

Love, Tash Kelly<3


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