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FREE - $150 AUD

FREE - $150 AUD

Hunter Networks of Practice

The Developing Brain - Translating Neuroscience into Practice

Date and Time

Wed 22nd May, 9:30 am - Thu 23rd May 2019, 3:30 pm


Quality Hotel NOAH'S On The Beach
29 Zaara St, Newcastle NSW 2300, Australia

Event description

What you will learn

This is an invaluable workshop for professionals working with children, young people and families looking to reinvigorate their practice and enhance their understanding of clients' needs. Full of “aha!” moments, Nathan explores fascinating discoveries in neuroscience, explains them in plain English and provides guidance on how to put this knowledge to practical use in the classroom, therapy room and home, with recommendations backed by evidence from neuroscience for optimum social and emotional well-being.

This workshop will be delivered over two days.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Neuroscience Terms
  • Summary of the 1990s
  • The formative nature of the early years
  • Gender differences in the Brain.
  • The impacts of Domestic Violence
  • Movement and Learning
  • The Neuro-sequential model of the Brain
  • Longitudinal Studies predicting Adult outcomes
  • Neuroplasticity

Day 2

  • The biology of Learning
  • Neural Pruning
  • Hormones in the Brain: Cortisol and Endorphins
  • Atypical Brain Development: EG. Autism, OCD, ADHD
  • The Teenage Brain
  • The Effect of Alcohol and Marijuana on the Adolescent Brain

About the presenter

Nathan Wallis is a father of three, stepfather to two and foster father to many more. His professional background includes early childhood teacher, child therapist, social service manager, university lecturer and neuroscience trainer. Following his time at the University of Canterbury, he founded a private training consultancy with the goal of facilitating easy to understand professional development reflecting the latest neuroscience discoveries and their practical implications for everyday practice. Nathan is an advisor for the NZ Ministry of Education, and an expert advisor for NZ Ministry of Vulnerable Children.

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