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Liz Burton

Understanding Your Cycle November

Fri 22nd Nov 2019, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm


$65 - $115 AUD

$65 - $115 AUD

Liz Burton

Understanding Your Cycle November

Date and Time

Fri 22nd Nov 2019, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Pachamama House
21 Gordon Ave, Hamilton East NSW 2303, Australia

Event description

Have you ever wondered why some days of the month you are full of energy, while others you want to stay in bed and have nothing to do with people?

Why you can be so lit up by your work one day and stuck in a spiral of comparison the next?

Has anyone ever told you to stop being so hormonal… like it was a bad thing?

What if I told you that these changes in your body are not erratic or unpredictable? That they are cyclical, beautiful, powerful. That understanding them could be your greatest strength?

Mamma nature didn’t intend for our cycles to be some horrible, hated part of who we are. You aren’t meant to be in physical, mental or emotional turmoil every month. We have grown up believing that the mood swings and painful cramps that come along with our cycle are normal and we just have to deal with it.

But guess what?!

  • You have the power to love every stage of your cycle, including your period.
  • You deserve to love being a woman.
  • You have the right to step into your cyclical power and learn this knowledge.

So are you going to accept this power to change your cycle for the better? Or keep struggling through it month after month?


Understanding your cycle is a workshop designed for the woman who is ready to understand the changes that happens in her body each month, who wants to know herself on a deeper level, and use that knowledge to reconnect to her body.

Join Liz as she takes you through the hormonal, physical and emotional changes that occur throughout your menstrual cycle. We will cover how these changes impact your overall health and well-being and how you can start charting your own cycle to enhance your self care and tap into your intuitive and creative energy. Through a combination of meditation, open conversation, education, reflection and connection, you will find out how you can use your cycle to reconnect to your body and become more in-tune with your womb.

You will leave this workshop:

  • Feeling empowered in your body
  • Having a deeper understanding and appreciation of your menstrual cycle and self
  • Educated about the phases and seasons of your cycle, and how they tie into your emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing
  • Understanding the connection between your cycle and your creative self
  • Prepared for your future cycles and changes
  • Trusting yourself and your inner wild woman
  • With new friends and stronger connections with existing friends

You will also take home:

  • Actionable tools to tune into your womb and reconnect with your body
  • Tips to naturally working through pre-menstrual tension
  • Ways to embrace your period
  • How to be sustainable with your period product choices
  • A greater sense of balance in yourself

All of this for just $65! *(VALUED AT OVER $99.00)*

"I love the way Liz teaches and educates on the magic of your menstrual cycle! She brings a fun, grounded and approachable way to a sometimes-overwhelming topic so whether you are completely new to this work, or have been tracking for months, you will still receive so much fresh wisdom.

I have been to Liz's Cycle Workshops and walked away with a greater connection to and appreciate of my cycle, with a deeper understanding of why certain patterns, emotions, physical changes, and thoughts play out at different times of the month for me. I have been so inspired by Liz to track my cycle each day and build a stronger relationship with my body and my femininity.”
- Tracey Spencer, Lightworkers Academy

I was a little sceptical going into the workshop especially around birth control but Liz had so much knowledge. She was so open and helpful in answering all of my questions. She made everyone feel so comfortable and it was such a great experience sharing and learning together. After completing an undergrad in health science I thought my knowledge of my cycle was pretty strong but I was amazed at how much I learned!
- Jasmine Forden


Will you be teaching fertility awareness in this workshop?

I will be discussing the hormonal changes that occur throughout our cycle and will briefly cover how we see this through a change in temperature and cervical fluid; however this workshop is designed to focus on reconnecting to our cyclical nature and understanding the seasons of our cycle, so will not go in depth on teaching fertility awareness or natural contraception or conception. You are more than welcome to use the information from the workshop alongside your fertility charting practice, and I will be offering workshops and one-on-ones in the near future on fertility awareness so stay tuned for those offerings!

I have never been to an event like this before, does that matter?

Of course not! A lot of the knowledge that you will be receiving in this workshop is brand new to everyone. There are no requirements for any prior learnings or practices as I will teach you everything on the day. All I ask is that you come with an open heart for the other women around you, and an open mind so that you get the most out of it.

How is the workshop delivered?

Throughout the workshop I will guide you through a combination of meditation and education, alongside open discussion and reflection. The amazing part about keeping this small and intimate is that we will also start to break down the stigmas and period stories that we have grown up believing, while being supported by a group of like-minded women.

I don’t have a regular cycle, does that matter?

Yes! Even if you aren’t cycling naturally now, you are still more than welcome to come along. This education is valuable for people through all walks of life and I will offer some alternative ways of charting and journaling with your cycle.

Does this workshop apply to women who don’t have a menstrual cycle? Eg on hormonal birth control. Pregnant, breastfeeding, menopausal, trans women, experiencing amenorrhea?

Yes! Even if you aren’t cycling naturally now, you are still more than welcome to come along. This education is valuable for people through all walks of life and I will offer some alternative ways of charting and journaling with your cycle.

I have a personal question, can I contact you privately?

You sure can, jump on over into my dm’s on Instagram, or flick me an email at hello@wildwombco.com

Can I pay by bank transfer?

You sure can! If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, please send $40 through to the bank details below, and email a screenshot of the transaction to hello@wildwombco.com
Name: Liz Burton Wild Womb Co
BSB: 082-514
Acc: 26-756-0437

Will I receive any emails from you?

Thanks for asking! I will be dropping into your inbox with reminders about the event. If this is the first time you have given me your email, then I will also be dropping in to share my story with you so you feel more comfortable knowing me before the event. On top of that I will share with you some really cool freebies with you so that you can start your charting practice now! You are more than welcome to unsubscribe at any time from these emails.

**Please note that this event will be held upstairs so is not wheelchair friendly. If this is you and you would still like to learn this education, I will be holding more events in future that will be able to facilitate you**

Refund Policy

No refunds will be issued due to change of mind. I do however appreciate that unexpected things happen in life. If you are unable to attend on the day, please reach out via email (hello@wildwombco.com) or instagram (wild.womb.co) and we can arrange for you to come along to a future event.

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