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MASTERCLASS: How to Shape Culture & Change the World



$125 - $150 AUD + BF

$125 - $150 AUD + BF

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Made to Create

MASTERCLASS: How to Shape Culture & Change the World

Date and Time

Sat 18th May, 10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Auburn Hub
Level 1, 597 Burwood Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122, Australia

Event description

So you have a passion and you are doing your thing. But deep down, you really want to make a difference. Well…why not do both at the same time?

Drawing on decades of experience as a theatre producer, social worker, community development consultant, lawyer and event manager, Eugene Wong will present this one-day masterclass that will help you to increase your impact on the world while still being true to yourself.

You will walk away having learned:

  • how to find your life calling
  • how to catch and share vision
  • how to influence culture, rather than be influenced
  • business skills to make it possible
  • how to choose who to partner with on the journey
  • how to make your lifestyle sustainable

The day will centre around Eugene’s trademark diagrams to help you learn and apply these principles in your own life and will include teaching, discussion time and interactive activities.

Expect to be met with part instruction, part social research, part ideas lab, part personal boot camp. You’ll also meet a bunch of other people who are just as passionate as you about changing the world.

You’re much more powerful than you think you are… here’s your chance to prove it (without unnecessary striving).

This masterclass follows Eugene's sold out talk on 'How to Change the World through Arts and Culture' for Made to Create from earlier this year. It will cover new material, as well as going in depth into Eugene’s framework and tailoring his principles to your personal situation. This masterclass is now presented by Made to Create and The Pericho Alliance.


About Eugene Wong

Eugene is the Director of The Pericho Alliance, a consulting group that helps organisations connect more effectively with their staff and audiences. He is also is the Arts, Culture & Community Engagement Strategist for the Centre for Building Better Community. He is a connoisseur of cheese, the performing arts and exquisitely bad dad humour.

Eugene was the founding Director of Candlelight Productions, a performing arts company driven by community development principles. Through it, he helped to launch Squeaky Clean Comedy and the Clean Comedy Hub at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

He has taught and performed around Australia and overseas, including running masterclasses for The College of Event Management and consulting for Made to Lead and the Australian Institute of Magic. He is a pretty average dancer but a great shot with a rifle. He coordinates weddings “for fun”.

Eugene holds advisory positions in several arts organisations, mentors emerging leaders and facilitates artists of all kinds in bringing their art to the next level. He claims to be a flawed human being who is usually kind and generous. He wants to see you succeed.


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