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Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

Zaidee's Wheelbarrow Push

Sat 30th Nov, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


$50 AUD + BF

$50 AUD + BF

Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

Zaidee's Wheelbarrow Push

Date and Time

Sat 30th Nov, 9:00 am - 12:00 pm


Victoria Park Lake
Victoria Park Lake, Shepparton VIC 3630, Australia

Event description

  • Date: Sat 30th November 2019.
  • Location: Lake Victoria Shepparton – Start line is at the Tennis Court end of the lake.
  • Cost $50 per wheelbarrow.
  • Starting time: 9am (Regos will be open from 8am on).
  • Finish time: 12pm.
  • The distance is 1.7ks around the Lake.
  • Tickets will go on sale from 1st July 2019 till 30th November 2019.
  • Age group to push the wheelbarrow is 13 years and above.
  • This will be a tag team push changing over to another team member after every lap around the lake.
  • Or you can push as a single pusher for the 3 hours.
  • Aim is to push your wheelbarrow around Lake Victoria in Shepparton for 3 hours.
  • You can do this in teams you can do it alone.
  • All you need is a Wheelbarrow.
  • Cost is $50 per wheelbarrow and we kindly ask you to raise funds on top of this for Zaidee’s no matter how many in your team.
  • How do you raise funds per lap?
  • Ask your family your friends or a business to sponsor you and or your wheelbarrow on how many laps you will push your wheelbarrow around the Lake over 3 hours.
  • We will record the number and tell you at the end with an official count on how many laps you and your Wheelbarrow did over the 3 hours. 
  • Zaidee’s fundraising forms will be available to download when you register. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3omn... 
  • Our aim is to raise $10,000 plus on the day with all funds going towards Zaidee’s Schools Education Program.
  • What to bring?
  • A good wheelbarrow. Puncher Kit and pump just in case.
  • A team to help you push the wheelbarrow as well as a support crew.
  • A small pop up gazebo 3x3 only, chairs, rugs for your base camp on the grass.
  • Lots of water and food as this is not going to be provided on the day. We will have a hydro water station on the day to refill your bottles.
  • Everyone will start at the same time at 9am on the day.
  • When the clock strikes 12pm, then that is when the event will end and no more wheelbarrows across the starting line.
  • Get a theme for your wheelbarrow!
  • Get dressed up or down!
  • Make your wheelbarrow as colourful as possible for Zaidee.
  • Each Wheelbarrow will have a number that we will stick on it so we can count the laps.
  • Download the sponsorship form from the Zaidee’s Wheelbarrow Push site. https://www.dropbox.com/s/3omn...
  • This is a fun event for businesses, school students and teachers, gyms and sports clubs, groups of friends to do, all looking to have a fun day out supporting Zaidee’s.

Refund Policy

Refunds are available 1 day prior to the event

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Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation


Zaidee Rose Alexander Turner – aged 7 years and 22 days died suddenly on 2nd December 2004 from a burst blood vessel in her brain called a Cerebral Aneurism. Zaidee’s parents, Kim and Allan, founded Zaidee’s Rainbow Foundation not long after. At the time of Zaidee’s death the Turner family had been registered Organ and Tissue Donors for 5 years. As a result Zaidee donated her Organs and Tissues at the Royal Children’s Hospital, as were her wishes at the time. From this gift, the lives of up to seven other people were improved or saved. Zaidee was the only child in Victoria under the age of 16 years and we have been told one of the youngest Australians to donate her organs and tissues in 2004. She was only 1 of 6 children nationally to donate their organs. Zaidee’s Story is directed towards both children and adults so they can think about others who are waiting for a life saving operation and a suitable match for an organ or tissue. Think about giving this gift to others so they can live a better life and in some cases, have a second chance at life. Zaidee’s gift of her organs to others will allow them to have another birthday. 1 in 5 people on the transplant waiting list mwill never get the chance to have another birthday if people do not become registered donors. The symbol is representative of hope; after every storm the sun shines and there is a rainbow. For those people on the transplant waiting list, the rainbow symbol offers them hope. At the end of their rainbow is an organ or tissue to improve their life – or in most cases – save their life.