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Elisha May

Part 2: Energy Healing and Empathic Communication

Sun 8th Dec 2019, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm


$125 AUD + BF

$125 AUD + BF

Elisha May

Part 2: Energy Healing and Empathic Communication

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Sun 8th Dec 2019, 8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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Lyrebrid Retreat
30 Wirrimbirra Ln, Cedar Brush Creek NSW 2259, Australia

Event description

Natural Energy Healing and Introduction to Empathic Communication

Once, we were all so connected to the wisdom of our planet that we had intuitive communication with our environment, the elements, the ancestors, the many dimensions of information that are beyond our human spectrum of sight and sound.

While this still exists and is very much a dialogue for our more earth connected and indigenous peoples, for the most part, many of us have disconnected from this natural ability to see and hear what isn’t right in front of us. But we all have the capability of tapping back into this ability to sense and trust, to receive guidance and ask for assistance from our guides, ancestors and what quantum science knows to be the field of unified energy.

This ‘energy’ has been given many names throughout history, from religious names to gods and energy fields. Often it is best left unlabelled. Simply, this is the intelligence of our Universe and the mystery that creates galaxies. It is the intelligence of our body which holds the entire hologram of our adult construct and personality in the first cell, holding information from beyond our birth, and runs 80% of our body on our behalf.

What you will receive and embody through the days exercises:


— Daily Energy Balance
— Letting go, remaining empty, deep listening with your environment
— Recognising and Raising your own vibration
— Releasing energy
— Return to the whole you
— Protection from negative external influences

— Recognising your own shadow aspects at play
— Calling on your Ancestral wisdom & communicating your intention
— Hands on Healing – transfer of positive energy fro cellular and energetic healing

— Third eye science – how to focus and manifest with trust
— Third eye visuals – how to receive guidance with trust
— Empathic communication – non-verbal exchange of information

All subjects will be interspersed with practical embodiment exercises where you will experience the teachings shared


You must have attended the Day 1 Mindfulness Immersion with Elisha Xantaya or a Quantum Energy Educational Course to attend the day two. Please get in contact to check if you are unable to attend day 1 and you think you might have covered enough of Day 1 content to attend day 2. Check Saturdays Mindfulness Event for information on Day 1 content.


There is a 7 day series of meditations to complete leading into the course, including tuning in, tuning up your vibration, and receiving information. These are to bring into your awareness the nature of your intuition and body intelligence prior to expanding this awareness during the day together. So please click on the soundcloud link and set aside 30 mins when you are going to be undisturbed and relaxed to complete the visualisations.

Each meditation will have a question to answer that you will journal. Write as fast as you can so the information flows through you rather than engaging the brain too much. Trust the information received. Do your best, it doesn’t have to ‘right’, just give it a go and feel free to get in contact if you need clarification.

This course is limited to 8 people for maximum absorption and focus. These courses sell out quickly and are run 3 monthly so please book early to secure your space.

$125 for the day

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea, cold water and juice is provided.Food is deliciously healthy for high vibrational function! V, GF and DF.Please communicate your food intolerances asap.

A JournalGood walking shoesHat & sunscreen
Thanks folks! This is a really fun day, covering some deep wisdom that each of us holds, can easily start to rediscover and tune up. This is elementary and should be taught in our schools! It is fundamental to our existence, to our human evolution and the health of our planet, so let's have some playtime with it!



Elisha is the Founder of Xantaya Health, focused on uplifting and empowering individuals and the collective, through healing, community connection and creative offerings. She is an Intuitive Healer, Mindfulness Facilitator with Mindfulness Works Australia, with her foundations in a Specialised Diploma of Bowen Therapy and Life.

Elisha also shares uplift and education through many creative events including festivals at her home, Lyrebird Retreat.

Her life experience includes 7 years as a NZ Army Engineer Officer, Graphic designer, Singer, Coal Mine Blast Crew, Bowen Therapist, Mindfulness Coach and Intuitive Sound Healer, all of which now assists her application to holistic health and reconnective therapies. Insight and experience has been drawn from her work, elite level sport, through life trauma and the subsequent freedom borne through inner excavation of mind and soul.

Elisha's own personal journey through anxiety, fear and insecurity, to a heart 'awakening’, has facilitated a deeper understanding of the inner workings of our mind and how we can become free from our destructive and limiting, mental and emotional patterns. She supports her audience towards a heightened state of being, that we may consciously create our life experience with meaning.

She draws on the wisdom of many ancient cultures and Shamanic understandings of our natural world, which flows through her voice during Sound Healing, facilitated locally and globally.

Elisha Xantaya
Xantaya Health

Client Testimonials

"My experience and time with Elisha was soul nourishing. I seriously feel like this woman has magical powers to heal. When lying on her table it feels like you're receiving pure love. I felt this on a spiritual, energetic, emotional and physical level. I also noticed my health improve on all these levels too. Elisha introduced me to new concepts and perspectives and resources that I had never thought of before. She is a delightful mix of earthly wisdom and playful fun. I tell everyone about her."

— Lucy Ellis Hypnotherapy | Founder Newcastle Health Collective

“I first met Elisha after I had had, and was in recuperation from, breast cancer treatment. The healing she did with me was exquisite, she has the singing voice of an angel and she transported me to a place of deep and powerful healing. No matter where you are on your life's journey, now is an opportunity to treat yourself to this beautiful experience of rest and healing.”

— Louise Croker | Illawarra Healing Community

“Elisha provides a musical backdrop filled with natural, ancient and tribal wisdom. Sound is heard via your ears but felt deep within your body. You are guided on a magical journey into yourself. A unique opportunity that needs to be experienced to be truly understood.”

— Tracy Brown | Newcastle

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Elisha May


Founder & Practitioner at Xantaya Health

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