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Jill Genet

Empathy Workshop at Bayside Red Tent


$55 - $65 AUD + BF

$55 - $65 AUD + BF

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Jill Genet

Empathy Workshop at Bayside Red Tent

Date and Time

Sat 16th Nov 2019, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bayside Red Tent
Point Talburpin Park, 29-31 McWilliam St, Redland Bay QLD 4165, Australia

Event description

Join us at Bayside Red Tent on Saturday 16th Nov from 9-1pm for a LIFECHANGING WORKSHOP as we welcome a very special guest Amy DT (an empathetic Badass and incredible teacher!!)

Connecting to Yourself to Connect with Others

Are you wanting to feel less stressed and anxious?

Do you want to calm your body and calm your mind?

Want to re-discover the deeper connection with yourself?

Are you longing for more meaningful relationships and connections with others?

We live in a world where we are more stressed than ever before, yet the idea of “staying positive” is so prevalent in all that we see. We seem to be more connected than ever, yet so many of us feel isolated and disconnected. We need, more than ever before, to remember how to connect with ourselves and to connect meaningfully with others. While we continue to reject our struggles, deny the sadness and strive for ultimate happiness, we forget to love and accept every part of us. It's time to get comfortable with the uncomfortable, to take time to listen and connect with ourselves. We need to learn to understand and accept our feelings in every moment and bring our body back to safety so we can connect with others.

There are many ways to connect with ourselves. In this workshop, we focus on our physiological responses to stress, how to bring our body back to safety and how to bring empathy to our experiences. Empathy is the practice of understanding the feelings and experience of someone. We need empathy for ourselves, so we can naturally flow into a state of empathy for others. Empathy gives us a process to understand our experience with complete acceptance and love.

In this half-day workshop, we aim to expand your knowledge and give you a space to experience connection with yourself and connection with others.

In the workshop we will cover;

-    Our physiological response to stress

-     Judgments and Observations

-     Feelings and Needs

-      A self-empathy process

-      Connecting with others through empathy

It’s time to stop striving for something else, and start loving and accepting what is. Connecting with yourself so that you naturally come into connection with others.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Amy or Jill baysideredtent@gmail.com

"Hey everyone! My name is Amy and I am a self-proclaimed lover of humans, feeler of emotions and teacher of empathy.

When I was 11, I lost my Mother. I was praised for staying strong and was never given permission to feel my grief and sadness. I learned from that young age, love, acceptance, and praise comes when you shut yourself off from your true feelings. I learned to read others around me and become whatever I needed to get their acceptance (I’m still working on it!). Through depression, anxiety and a lot of support, I finally re-discovered my connection with my body, my feelings, and my needs.

I believe that true love and acceptance of who we are can come when we understand our feelings, needs and what our body is telling us. I want people to know that we can come to a deeper understanding of ourselves by listening to our body, understanding how our brain works and using empathy to drop deeper into our experiences. I am all about creating safe spaces to connect with ourselves and others. Safety, belonging, connection and curiosity are what I aim to bring to all spaces.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact me or come along to a workshop."
About Red Tent Australia:
Red Tent Australia has been created as a non-profit association to support women's gatherings around Australia. Our goal is Red Tents in every neighbourhood. If you would like to start a Red Tent we are here to help. If you are already running a group or if you would like to find one in your location, let us know so we can support you.

What women want is CONNECTION. Not on a superficial level, but REAL connection and support.
The Red Tent is a place for women to feel that connection and to offer and receive that support.
We want to help women to free themselves from the isolation of today’s modern world and find their tribe.

Red Tent Australia is a non-profit organisation with the aim to connect, collaborate, and create a community of strong and educated women in a supportive & nurturing environment
We establish community networks and support between women by hosting local gatherings, and events in what we call “Red Tents”.
Red Tent Australia is not religious, we include anyone who identifies as female from 11 years + from all walks of life.

It’s our hope for everyone who enters each Red Tent to experience a sense of belonging, sisterhood, and strength that stays with them from then on.
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Date and Time

Sat 16th Nov 2019, 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Bayside Red Tent
Point Talburpin Park, 29-31 McWilliam St, Redland Bay QLD 4165, Australia

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