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Heidi Dening

How To Create A Magnetic Team Culture: WE CARE workshop



$399 - $499 AUD + BF

$399 - $499 AUD + BF

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Heidi Dening

How To Create A Magnetic Team Culture: WE CARE workshop

Date and Time

Fri 6th Sep 2019, 11:00 am - Mon 9th Sep 2019, 2:00 pm


Axiom Workplaces
6 O'Connell St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia

Event description

This workshop is designed specifically for leaders who understand the financial benefits of putting their number one asset – their people - first.

Its overall purpose is to create a magnetic culture so your most talented team members don’t go looking for a greener patch of grass with your competitors.

It will be an interactive and inspiring 3hr workshop where you will be able to roll up your sleeves and create a unique and results-driven action plan that is specific to the challenges and opportunities that you experience. 

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Understand the #1 WE CARE KPI you need to focus on to ensure overall business success and an ROI.
  • Be confident about the micro-changes that you need to make to the frameworks, education programs, and ideas that you already have in place.
  • Be clear on the physical, mental and social health improvements you can incorporate that directly impact your culture.
  • Recognise the experts you already have in your teams who will help deliver the strategy.
  • Have clarity on how to strengthen the resilience of your workplace, so you don't miss out on untapped opportunities, lose your best people, or waste your hard-earned dollars.
  • Create a one-page A3 Action Plan that you can immediately implement once back in the office.
  • Have enjoyed a healthy and delicious lunch :)

You Should Attend If:

  • Retaining your best people has become increasingly difficult, or
  • Productivity and performance of your staff have declined, which is reflected by diminishing profits, or
  • Absenteeism is at an all-time high and everyone looks exhausted, unhealthy and overwhelmed, or
  • Sarcasm and bickering have replaced the positive work culture of the past, or
  • Workers Compensation Claims have increased due to burnout, musculoskeletal injury and/or mental health issues.

Small Size - Accelerated Results

To ensure we are able to dig deep with lots of tailored conversations about what will work in your specific workplace, we have capped this workshop to only allow for 10 participants. If you would like to have a second person from your team attend (which we recommend), please choose the workshop package for two people. Your 2nd team member will come for only $100.

We have partnered with Axiom Workplaces to bring you this event which will give you the opportunity first-hand to see how great office design can increase productivity, collaboration and retention. 

The Action Plan that you create from this workshop will SAVE you thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars annually in recruitment and productivity costs because:

  • You can attract, enthuse and retain the most talented in your industry by becoming an employer of choice.
  • You can support (or improve) the overall culture of your organisation, which leads to a healthier bottom line.
  • A positive staff experience will ensure a positive customer experience. Focus on your people – show them you CARE.
  • It will encourage self-leadership at all levels of the organisation resulting in better collaboration, optimism, focus and decision-making.

Past Participants Have Said:

Sustainable Business Growth and Employee Engagement

“Heidi possesses a dynamic mix of passion for people and a consummate professionalism when presenting at her highly-acclaimed WE CARE workshops. With an innate understanding of the importance of culture, self leadership and employee engagement within organisations, Heidi will captivate her audiences with her focus on sustainable business growth, personal resilience and guidance on how to build a healthy and thriving work culture.

Susanna Pairman-Bradley, GM Organisational Development at St Vincent de Paul Society NSW

Personal, Impactful with Realistic Steps

The WE CARE program delivers practical tools and resources to assist in transitioning the way you think about organizational culture and the employee experience. Above all, Heidi’s delivery of the program is personal, impactful and delivers a message of courage and perseverance. I would highly recommend to any leader or team looking for effective realistic steps to make a change.”

Joan Jreij, HR Manager – Australia at WorldFirst

With 100% of surveyed attendees giving the WE CARE program an NPS score of 9/10, this is a workshop you should not miss.

“Your concepts are simple, easy to understand, well rounded, you are an amazing inspirational speaker. I have actually already recommended your workshop.”

“Excellent workshop and content. Very relevant topic and we will leverage our learning today.”

“It was simple to understand and with bite size macro bits it is achievable to implement and make a difference.”

“Very structured approach to allow us to digest and map topics to our specific business.”

“You’re post-workshop daily challenge and accountability call is definitely a unique feature.”

 “Loved it all.”

“Excellent content.”

“It was great to speak in a smaller group of trust to hear ideas and spark thought on what we could be dong to improve.”

“Helpful, insightful. Simple and makes sense.”

“I think the workshop would provide great value to HRM’s in the mid to senior space.”

The Gift Of Education

I've always believed in - "If you give a person a fish, you only feed them for a day. When you teach a person to fish, you feed them for a lifetime."

The booking fees from this workshop will be donated to help teach a young girl to read and write for a whole year. 

Therefore your participation will mean you are giving the incredible gift of education, which as we know, unlocks life's opportunities. Thank you :)

Refund Policy

Refunds are available 14 days prior to the event

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Heidi Dening is a global speaker, best-selling author and experienced workshop facilitator. Over the last 22 years she has started, scaled and sold a business; founded an international not-for-profit with hundreds of volunteers across two countries; and delivered empowering presentations and programs to business leaders at Accenture, Westpac, & Random House to name just a few, on topics such as business culture, resilience and self-leadership. These vast experiences have highlighted to her that it is only when you get the culture right within your business that you can really start to scale it and make an impact.