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The Road to UtopiaX Starts With Why

Date and Time

Wed 16th May
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Pumphouse School of Design
24 Greenway St, Wickham NSW 2293, Australia

Event description

Find Your Why Workshop Series

We are so fortunate to have been in conversation with the Simon Sinek Start With Why team for the last eighteen months. We are super proud and elated to be presenting a series of workshop to help you find YOUR WHY. These workshops will run over a period of 3 weeks. 3 workshops will be offered with time in between for you to ‘sleep on’ your purpose.

Total cost for the 3 workshops is $500 (+GST)

In 2018 workshops will be offered in Sydney, Melbourne and Newcastle and limited to 12 places each.


All workshops 6:00pm – 9:00pm

Dates: May 16
May 23
May 30

Venue : Pumphouse School of Design, 24 Greenway Street, Wickham

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The Road to UtopiaX

Discover the Intent behind the Idea so your Impact is Immense?

Imagine this. You ask me what I do. I could respond with, “I run workshops on Vision and Values, Design Thinking, Innovation and The Future of Work. I also run Innovation programs for organisations so they can harness the input of their staff to increase productivity, improve workplace happiness and improve the bottom line”.

Or I could say, “I open hearts and minds to what’s possible. Everything I do is about ensuring you reach your potential. We will workshop strategies that will inspire you to set your goals high, determine the actions you need to reach them and build a great team and client base along the way. And what’s more, it’s all based in science and research.”

As a creativity and innovation expert, I know that your WHY can act as a benchmark for everything you do. Your Why provides the inspiration to bring your vision to life, to come up with ideas that create change. It will be the support that will allow you to Stand Secure, Fall Forward and pick yourself up when the going gets tough.

This workshop will start you on your journey to articulating your Why.

Workshop 1 (3 hours)

 Participants will:

  • Understand the Golden Circle as developed by Simon Sinek.
  • Discover from where your purpose and passion originate
  • Explore ways to begin bringing your Why to life
  • Investigate case studies of businesses where the Why made all the difference
  • Form a buddy system for developing the ‘Why’

Workshop 2 (3 hours)

 Participants will:

  • Learn the process and methodologies used to extract the experiences of significance that will contribute to your Why discovery
  • Investigate Limiting Beliefs that may be holding you back from experiencing your true potential
  • Understand the significance of the Why, How and What at the intersections of Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Investigate the themes that have evolved through your experiences from early childhood to present day relationships and your career or employment history
  • Work with your buddy to develop storytelling and investigative capacities

Workshop 3 (3 hours)

 Participants will:

  • Learn the evaluation process of stories and how to extract themes from experiences
  • Discover the significance of Impact and Contribution
  • Draft a Why statement
  • Discover the significance of the How and What in relation to the WHY
  • Leave with tools to continue and finalise the Why Discovery process

Follow up assistance will be available post the workshop series. 

Participants need to commit to three workshops as a buddy system will be established..